Project Management

Project Management Services

70% of your projects are likely to fail. This means your project will not meet or exceed the expected business value. Do you think you have the capabilities within your organisation to deliver your projects on time, within budget and to a high level of quality? We understand the importance of repeatable project management processes and frameworks. We also know that engaging your people from the executive team down to share their ideas and experience will be the key to project delivery success. We can help you develop the project management mix that will deliver business value on your project each and every time.

The Business Problem

Project management is one of the most underestimated functions within business. Project managers have to deal with a variety of moving parts and challenges when delivering a project. Three quarters of projects fail because senior management don’t get involved to perform their role. A project manager needs to be able to deal effectively with people from across all levels of the organisation. Many organisations make the mistake of not recognising project management as a unique skillset and look to line managers to deliver projects on top of their regular workload. This approach rarely leads to successful outcomes.

Our Solution

Our project management consulting services are built on the common thread for all successful projects, people experience. Our practitioners understand how to work with people from across all levels of an organisation. We achieve success in project delivery through the use of best practice project management frameworks and disciplines including Agile, PMBOK and PRINCE2 combined with our extensive experience of working with many different people. Being able to rapidly deploy change into your business is crucial in today’s fast evolving digital world. We help our clients understand that high performing organisations value project management.

Our Value Proposition

We have experience delivering business and technology projects using agile and waterfall approaches. We work closely with you to tailor an approach that will align to your business needs. One of the keys to project delivery success is helping you understand your current processes, capability and capacity. We help you engage your people, build a repeatable project delivery model and deliver business value on your projects each and every time. We help you deliver what you say you are going to deliver.

Project Management Services

  • Project portfolio alignment – A review of your current programs and projects and their alignment to your strategic objectives
  • Process alignment – A review of your current business process architecture and how it aligns to your strategic objectives
  • Technology alignment – A review of your current technology landscape and roadmap and how it aligns to your strategic objectives
  • Operating model alignment – A review of your current operating model and how it aligns to your strategic objectivesPMO Management – The development of enterprise PMO processes and reporting frameworks