Strategy Alignment

Strategy Alignment Consulting Services

65% of organisations have an agreed business strategy. Less than 10% of organisations successfully execute their strategy. Does your organisation have an annual strategy offsite with lots of energy and enthusiasm but you find that it quickly fades away when you return to business as usual? Does your organisation have multiple disparate initiatives underway but there is confusion about where these initiatives fit at a strategic level? If these challenges sound familiar then we can help you with your strategic alignment.

The Business Problem

Many organisations have difficulty implementing the changes required to deliver on their strategic plans. There are often limited processes in place to cascade strategic plans through to teams and individuals. Organisations often find it difficult to take themselves out of business as usual operations and to find the capacity to deliver on their strategic initiatives.

Our Solution

Our goal is to help your organisation align their structures, processes and systems to support the organisations broader strategic objectives. We can help you review your project portfolio and make clear choices on what initiatives align to your strategic objectives. You can then align your teams and individuals where you know they will have the most impact. Most importantly we can help you keep momentum following that strategy offsite by providing you with the additional capacity you need to deliver your strategic initiatives.

Our Value Proposition

Seeking external input on your strategic alignment can provide you with insights and learning that you won’t find available in-house. We can help you understand the fundamental enabling elements that you would see in an organisation that routinely implements their strategies efficiently and effectively. When you achieve strategic alignment you create an organisation that is high performing, agile and growth oriented.

Strategy Alignment Services

  • Project portfolio alignment – A review of your current programs and projects and their alignment to your strategic objectives
  • Process alignment – A review of your current business process architecture and how it aligns to your strategic objectives
  • Technology alignment – A review of your current technology landscape and roadmap and how it aligns to your strategic objectives
  • Operating model alignment – A review of your current operating model and how it aligns to your strategic objectives